lower body lift

A lower body lift procedure is designed to correct the poor body shape that characteristically develops after significant weight loss. It is a commonly performed cosmetic procedure after bariatric surgery for obesity. With weight gain the underlying fatty layer increases which then stretches the overlying skin. When weight is lost the skin does not have enough elasticity to regain the ideal body contour. Instead the excess skin hangs with gravity and forms folds in the lower body. A lower body lift surgically targets the buttocks, lower abdomen and thighs to remove the excess skin and elevate the remaining skin to its proper cosmetic position. Body contour is improved and skin is firmed.

Ideally a patient having lower body lift cosmetic surgery should be fit, healthy and have a suitable nutritional diet. Weight loss should be maintained long term. A lower body lift is performed under a full general anaesthetic in a private hospital. There will be some pain, swelling, and bruising following this cosmetic surgery procedure. It maybe suggested that you wear a compression garment over the lower body for 2-6 weeks, this will help minimize fluid build-up and provide comfort as you heal. It will also help the skin re-contour to the new shape of your lower body. Return to work may take 3-4 weeks and normal activity in 4-6 weeks. You will notice an improvement in your appearance soon after surgery, but the final results will be noticeable in about 3 months. It is important to have a healthy diet and exercise regularly in order to maintain your new lower body shape. Your plastic surgeon will work in conjunction with other health professionals if required. The team approach may require involvement of your GP, a bariatric surgeon, a dietician, a gym instructor and your plastic surgeon will co-ordinate care as required before and after cosmetic surgery.

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