arm lift (brachioplasty) & thigh lift

Common cosmetic concerns of the arms and thighs are fatty deposits and loose skin. Depending on the nature of the skin and underlying fat cosmetic surgical correction can be performed with liposuction or surgical skin incisions designed to conceal scars. As with other body contouring surgical techniques the best results are gained in patients who are fit and healthy, and have gained and maintained their ideal weight through diet and exercise. Surgery is performed by specialist plastic surgeon under a full general anaesthetic in a private hospital. Recovery depends on the surgery performed and for more details your individual surgery is best discussed with your plastic surgeon. Your plastic surgeon will work in conjunction with other health professionals if required. The team approach may require involvement of your GP, a bariatric surgeon, a dietician, a gym instructor and your plastic surgeon will co-ordinate care as required before and after cosmetic surgery.


We do not show before & after photographs on the website as we prefer to discuss these photographs during a consultation.

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