breast reconstruction

Breast reconstruction allows women to gain back their femininity after mastectomy performed for breast cancer. Breast reconstruction surgery can be performed at the same time as the mastectomy or at a later date once other cancer treatment, such as radiotherapy or chemotherapy, has been completed. Breast reconstructions can be broadly divided into techniques that create a breast using breast implants or from tissue taken from another site of the patient's body. There are also techniques that combine these two approaches. Generally speaking the techniques based on implants provide a quicker recovery but the tissue-based techniques may provide a longer lasting cosmetic result. Recovery from simpler techniques takes no longer then that would be experienced for the mastectomy alone. For more complex surgery it may take 4-6 weeks before normal activities can be undertaken.

Breast reconstruction is a very individual process as it needs to match the individual desires of the patient to the plastic surgical techniques available. Not all techniques are available or suitable to certain patients. Breast reconstruction surgery is not suitable for some patients and is best performed in patients who are otherwise fit with minimal other health problems. Your plastic surgeon will guide you after a full discussion and examination. Breast reconstruction is completed by nipple reconstruction which is performed at a later stage some 3-6 months after the breast reconstruction. Breast reconstruction is a complex plastic surgery procedure based on correct technique selection. Breast reconstruction is best performed by a plastic and reconstructive surgeon who is dedicated to this surgery. They should be experienced in all contemporary breast reconstructive techniques to get the best possible individualised result for the patient.

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