Face Lift & Neck Lift

Rhytidectomy is a surgical procedure to improve visible signs of aging on the face and neck.  As individuals age the skin and muscles of the face begin to lose tone.  At the same time bony frame work, skin atrophy and fat deposits of the face can change volume, creating an age contour.  Rhytidectomy is aimed at rejuvenating the lower face, jawline and neck creating a fresher rejuvenated face without changing the natural expression or appearance that is the character of the individual.  Face lift surgery can be combined with eyelid surgery, brow lift, nose reshaping or lip enhancement.

Surgery is performed under a general anaesthetic and usually requires one or two nights in hospital to allow recovery.  Post-operatively, pain typically is minimal and easily controlled with simple forms of pain relief such as Paracetamol and Ibuprofen.  Following discharge from hospital you will require a period of time resting at home with your head elevated to minimise swelling, bruising and optimise wound healing.  Towards the end of the first week the majority of the bruising and swelling has subsided and sutures are removed at this point.  Make up can then be applied and patients can start to move in their normal social manner.  Return to work and driving is expected during the second week post-operatively.  Patients who are healthy and have realistic expectations about what the surgery can achieve are suitable for face and neck lift surgery.  There are a number of face and neck lift techniques and these are individualised to each patient’s specific characteristics and needs.  It is important that your face and neck lift surgery is performed by a Plastic Surgeon who is well versed in all face lift techniques.


A consultation with your surgeon will help you decide whether this surgery is ideal for you. At this consultation you will receive a medical assessment, discuss the surgical technique, expected outcome, recovery and potential complications. A price guide and Royal Australasian College of Surgeons information brochure can be requested prior to your consultation if desired. We do not show before & after photographs on the website as we prefer to discuss these photographs during a consultation.

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